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Without prescription potassium-citrate discounts discount spoke, pregnant kidney stones treatment while

Without prescription potassium-citrate discounts discount spoke, pregnant kidney stones treatment while

Without prescription potassium-citrate discounts discount, pregnant kidney stones treatment while

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Is it safe to take a potassium supplement daily? In high doses, potassium can be dangerous. Do not take potassium supplements without talking to you doctor. At normal doses, potassium is fairly safe. It may cause an upset stomach.
How long after taking a pill can I lay down? Don't quickly lie down after taking them. You should stand or sit upright for at least 30 minutes after taking them, and eat a meal if you can. Make sure you get enough fluids when you take the medication.
Does potassium help magnesium absorption? Magnesium helps to transport calcium and potassium ions in and out of cells. It may also contribute to the absorption of these important minerals.
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